Our four year old program is for children turning 4 by December 1st. The emphasis in these classes is to expose the children to as much as we can in a way that they will experience success and have fun! We believe that God has created each child as a unique individual. Each child will progress at his own pace. We continue to help develop social and problem solving skills that were started in the three year old classes. Language and literacy is encouraged through a print rich environment, literature, poetry, songs, meaningful conversation, and finger plays. Children are introduced to prewriting skills by seeing writing modeled, playing in the writing center, labeling, and creating their own books. Math is integrated into the curriculum in a meaningful fun way. Skills are reinforced through the child's play, games, learning centers, and daily routines. Gross motor skills are practiced in our gym and on the school's large playground. Children are encouraged to be creative through different types of art mediums. Process not product is our emphasis in art. God's world is introduced to children through hands on activities such as planting a garden. Most important, children learn about the love of Christ through Bible stories, Bible songs, Chapel and the love and modeling of their teachers. They learn to interact and accept differences with Christ as their example. When you look through the window of a four year old class, it will seem that all the children are doing is playing. We urge you to take a closer look!

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